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Wanted - authentic Tex-Mex crisps, tortillas and spicy specialities

Welcome to Wanted and plenty of spicy taste experiences. The Tex-Mex assortment from OK Snacks is based on authentic raw products, spices and ingredients carefully selected from Mexican suppliers who comply with high demands for food quality and traceability. Spices play a crucial role in the Tex-Mex cuisine. 

All the spices in the Wanted series are steam-sterilised in order to ensure optimal flavour and shelf-life. We also conduct regular quality control of the spices with the latest, approved testing methods in order to safeguard against, among other things, the unintentional use of artificial colourants. Wanted from OK Snacks offers much more than original and popular Tex-Mex flavour. An innovative packaging design helps to encourage the desire for the product and attention in the shop.

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A complete Tex-Mex assortment for catering as well. The Wanted series and the many different Tex-Mex favourites and specialities from OK Snacks are also available in sizes and packaging that are tailored to restaurants, fast food eateries and catering centres, etc.

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